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How to track my order?

Author: Bestvibe Date:02-09-2021

How to track my order?

To track your order's status, please double-check the Tracking Information email we sent to you when you make the order. There's a link to the logistics carrier website and a tracking number where you can track it.

If you cannot track your order via the link of the Logistic carrier website, there's some information that may be helpful for you.

1. Track the Parcel with the Order Number and the Email Account.

(1) Click the link: https://www.bestvibe.com/user_order_guest.php

(2) Input the Order Number & Email Address and click "Send" move to the next page, and then click "more". There will be tracking information provided.

2. Track the Parcel with the Tracking Number and the Logistic Carrier Website.

Tracking Number Example

Tracking Link

Logistics Company

Delivery Period

YANWEN5-15 Days
USPS3-5 Days
UPS3-7 Days

(1) Confirming the format of "Tracking Number Example", then copy the "Tracking Number" of your parcel first.

(2) Click the "Tracking Link" which matches the tracking number, paste the "Tracking Number",then click the "Track" or  other symbols to search. There will be the logistics information of your parce

(3) If you still do not know how to track your parcel, please contact us: service@bestvibe.com.

(4) The delivery time may be affected by various reasons. If the package is delayed, please wait patiently for 2-3 days or contact the local post office for consultation, or contact customer service to confirm the situation.