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Frequently questions about payment

Author: Bestvibe Date:17-06-2021

Frequently asked questions about payment

Why my order was not paid successfully?

Usually, we found payment failed due to bank payment security protection.

Here are some suggestions for you to place the order successfully:

(1) Would you pls kindly confirm with the bank service at first and then try again? 

(If you have tried 3 times already, please wait for 24h and try again; you can also change another card to make the payment):

1. Contact your bank and explain this transaction is by yourself;

2. Request your bank to allow the payment, then the order will be paid successfully;

3.  Tell us your order number, we'll help to check the status and arrange to send out the parcel for you.

(2) You can also try to use Paypal, and this is an easier way.

How to cancel my order?

Please contact Bestvibe Customer Care(service@bestvibe.com) immediately once you decide to change or cancel your order.

If your order has been shipped by the time you contact us, you are able to easily return the item to us.

Can't find the solution to my questions?

If your question didn't solve yet, pls contact us feel free.

Email: service@bestvibe.com

Live Chat: Just click Live Chat above the search box, we will answer your question immediately.


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