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Discreet Delivery

Author: Bestvibe Date:24-05-2021

Welcome to BestVibe! We are committed to providing you with high quality products and respecting your privacy. This Discreet Delivery Policy is designed to ensure that your shopping privacy is fully respected and protected. Please read the following Discreet Delivery Policy.

1. Packaging Standards

BestVibe follows strict packaging standards to protect products during shipping.

(1) Tough packaging materials are selected to reduce the risk of damage during shipping.

(2) Appropriate packaging is selected based on the type and size of products ordered. Large or multiple items are packaged in plain brown boxes, while small items are placed in padded bubble mailers.

(3) Sensitive information, including product names, contents, and usage, will not be displayed directly on the package.

2. Marking and Labeling

Only necessary information is marked on the package, which typically includes the names and addresses of the recipient and sender, tracking numbers, and the name of the shipping company.

3. Privacy Policy

BestVibe ensures that there are no obvious logos or identifying information on the packaging to protect the privacy of the customer's purchase.

4. Secure Shipping

BestVibe selects shipping partners, such as USPS and UPS, that handle products with care to ensure they are properly protected during shipping.

5. Customer Service

Customers who have concerns about packaging can contact the customer service department at service@bestvibe.com for assistance.

6. Update Policy

BestVibe reserves the right to update the Discreet Delivery Policy to reflect changes in company policy, and any updates will be posted on this website.