Women Crotchless Fishnet Bodysuit Black

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This bodystocking is made of elastic material, fits for various body shapes and women who weight 65KG-80KG;

Full body stocking with floral pattern, stretch-to-fit style makes it fit for various body shapes, open crotch design makes you more attractive and convenience in many occasions.

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Model Q3076
Feature  Crotchless Bodystocking 
Size One size
Material  88% Nylon + 12% Spandex
Washing method Wash it by hand in 30-degree water
Color Black
Features :
1. Some flaws and defects of legs can be well hidden by wearing bodystockings
2. The fishnet bodystockings giving your legs a slimmer and unique appearance
3. Stretch-to-fit style makes it fit for various body shapes
4. Open crotch design makes you more attractive and convenience in some circumstance

Package Included:

1 x Bodystocking (G-string is not included )

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Love it! 04/26/2019
An Every Girl, Must Have! 04/24/2019
Elliot Jenkins 04/23/2019
So comfortable and sexy 04/19/2019
SEXY 04/19/2019
lad I bought it 04/16/2019
Sexy and Comfy! 04/16/2019
Very stretchy! 04/15/2019
It fits! 04/14/2019
Sexy 04/13/2019
Awesome. Love this on my wife 04/08/2019
Sex Outfit 03/28/2019
Attention getter!!! 03/27/2019
Must have! 03/26/2019


Irene Freeman

Love it!

My very favorite! I was extremely happy with the fabric the cut and the way it made my husband look at me. Some of the other skin tight things i have bought, it seemed like i was wearing tights on my body. This was very flattering. I just got another in pink.

Jasmine Turner

An Every Girl, Must Have!

This outfit was amazing. It will fit anyone sexy enough to try it on. Fits everyone no matter how luscious you are. It would look really hot over a bathing suit when you head to the pool or over nothing on a night when your man is walking in from a hard days work.

Eloise Russell

Elliot Jenkins

Accentuates the ladies curves and rounds out the breast nicely. Very sexy, very soft. Spouse likes it as it is comfortable, therefore, more willing to wear.

Zoe Fraser

So comfortable and sexy

I LOVE this. I purchased the hot pink. It shipped fast, and the price is so good .I am 5'5, 120 lbs and medium/small chested and it fits great, because the material is so stretchy, I think it would fit any body size/type really well. I feel super sexy in this and it is very comfortable. I can't wait to give it to my husband for his birthday!!

Joanna Summers


Surprisingly flattering! Seriously - I laughed when I ordered this thinking I'd probably try it on, be horrified, and just throw it away without letting my boyfriend see. But somehow it actually looks amazing. Obviously, it's not going to hide anything, but it plays up your assets enough that you won't care - and neither will anyone who's lucky enough to see you in it.

Kristina Mclean

lad I bought it

I rarely have luck with inexpensive lingerie. They either don't fit, rip or look stupid. This is none of those things. It is super cute, will fit just about anyone because it is stretchy and holds up. I am really glad I purchased this.

Georgina Harris

Sexy and Comfy!

It fit very well and was extremely attractive. My partner has large breasts and the mesh was very seductive. She seemed to enjoy it and said that it was very comfortable and did not cut into her.

Kasey King

Very stretchy!

This fit perfectly. It is mesh, stretchy, see through so if you're a bigger gal like me it is not going to hold in (or up) your jiggly wiggly bits. It also isn't going to hide any folds, flab, etc but it's still sexy. So don't be shy...try it!!

Reagan Hughes

It fits!

When I pulled this out of the bag, I laughed because of how small it was. I was 100% sure it was not going to fit. But lo and behold, it fits (because it is incredibly stretchy. This is super sexy, and I am very happy with my purchase.

Genesis Kent


Looks and feels very sexy. Husband is happy with it and the price. It is difficult to pull up but he was there "supervising" to make sure it was perfect.

Shannon Thomas

Awesome. Love this on my wife

Awesome. Love this on my wife. Can't share the pics though. Well worth every penny.

Elliot Jenkins

Sex Outfit

My girlfriend looks so damn sexy in this. it's a very inexpensive outfit that can be used for foreplay and role playing. Not something you would want your girlfriend or wife to really leave the house in as it's VERY reviling. the price is so reasonable even if you used it once then ripped it off of her it is worth it :)

Kathryn Holland

Attention getter!!!

its really strechy, so doesn't matter what ur size it will most likely fit. Hopefully this will help me get back to my shape! Hang it visible to remind me that I must Fit nicely in to it.

Kayleigh Wells

Must have!

I’m about 5’6 167lbs and this fit is amazing love the low v in the back and the comfortable material it is made out of I wore mine with thigh high fishnets and my boyfriend went nuts highly recommend!!!

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Women Crotchless Fishnet Bodysuit Black

This bodystocking is made of elastic material, fits for various body shapes and women who weight 65KG-80KG;

Full body stocking with floral pattern, stretch-to-fit style makes it fit for various body shapes, open crotch design makes you more attractive and convenience in many occasions.

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