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LuvPump Standard Slide Loaded Penis Extender

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Sep 26, 2021-Oct 27, 2021

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1. Include silicone strap and foam cushion to increase penis comfort for longer wearing.

2. Penis pumps can't be worn in public, but an extender can! The penis stretcher can be tilted upward or downward to increase comfort while remaining effective even under ordinary clothes.

3. The penis extender achieves permanent results - a lifelong increase in penis length and girth, boosting your erotic attraction.

4. Designed to comfortably fit all penis sizes.

Quality Guarantee

Made from safe, skin-friendly material which doesn’t harm your health, the penis traction device is a registered, FDA-approved medical device. It has been clinically tested and is not only safe and effective but is also fully endorsed by penis enlargement surgeons.

How To Use

1. Place the flaccid penis thru the base ring and rest your penis onto the cradle head. The LuvPump logo should be on top.

2. Slide the cradle onto the rods. You may need to add or subtract rods to get the right length.

3. Then slide the foam cushion around the penis.

4. Pull the silicone strap tightly around glans and lock the strap in place by pressing each end through the slots on the cradle.

5. Once the penis is in place, gently pull the comfort tube tightly around the penis head. Lock the tube in place by pressing each end into the slots on the underside of the cradle.

6. When the extender is secured, simply rotate the adjustable thumb tension nuts to either increase or decrease the tension. The goal is for there to be a slight discomfort on the penis at all times, but should not be painful.

7.  If you need more bars, you can simply add them while you are wearing the penis extender.

DO NOT USE for more than four hours per day for the first month and at the beginning, this should be divided into four shorter sessions of about 1 hour each. When you get more accustomed to it you can wear it up to 6 hours per day, but remember to take 1 to 2-hour breaks between sessions of about 1 to a maximum of 2 hours each.

Care and Cleaning

1. Cleaning: The product should be cleaned daily with mild antibacterial soapy water before and after use.

2. Care: Please keep it away from direct sunlight, high temperature, heavy pressure, humidity, and pollution.


Extender Base Size: 4.1in long, 1.97in wide

Silicone Tube: 9.06in long

Foam Sleeve: 5.24in long

Silicone Strap: 8.27in long

Foam Cushion Inner Diameter: 1.18in

Extension Rod Length: 1.18in, 1.77in

Product Weight: 0.67lb

Package List 

Extender Base x1; Cradle x1; Silicone Tube x1; Foam Sleeve x1; Silicone Strap x1; Foam Cushion x1; Extension Rods (1.18in) x4; Extension Rods (1.77in) x2



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LuvPump Standard Slide Loaded Penis Extender

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