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Metal Butt Plugs

by Bestvibe on October 21,2022

The metal docking plug is still your regular docking plug, but with material distortion. What makes this bad boy unique is that it has the possibility to stretch the anus in the best way. Nevertheless, metal butt plugs have become a mainstay for many sex toy customers who are willing to walk in the wild.

The metal butt plug is still your regular butt plug but with a material twist. What sets this bad boy apart is its potential to stretch out the anus in the best way possible. Be that as it may, metal anal plugs have become a mainstay for many sex toy patrons who are willing to take a walk on the wild side.

Metal Butt Plugs

Types and Main Characteristics


The stainless steel anal plugs are a very safe choice, not anal plugs made of cheap materials, which unfortunately may flow into the blood. Aluminum butt plugs are another popular alternative.

Shape and Design

if your anus has not been stretched before, then the specific shape and design will only plunge you into a painful world. Nevertheless, when it comes to metal butt plugs, there are some very attractive designs. You can view the heart-shaped metal butt plug with a jeweled heart on the top. If you feel lucky and sexually free, there are also four-leaf clover metal butt plugs.

Metal Butt Plugs


The size of the metal butt plug often varies according to personal preference and products on the market. In many cases, customers will choose products that they are sure will not make them feel uncomfortable or damage the anus, which is not surprising. In this case, a large metal butt plug is strongly recommended based on its effective properties. If you are just starting out and tend to be conservative, use a small metal butt plug, it will expand your hole at your own pace.

Zones for Stimulation

Anal irritation: Let us reiterate that the metal butt plug is just to surprise you. The many sensations you will definitely experience will reach a whole new level.


Metal vibrating butt plugs are unique grade sex toys that offer top-notch moving sensations. The gadget is bound to give you pulsating and warm arousal for prolonged periods.


Butt plugs can either be manual or operated automatically. Make your choice wisely when choosing your ideal butt plug.


The power level of your stainless-steel butt plug will determine how much pleasure you can derive from it.

Suction Cup

You can attach a suction cup to your butt plug and enjoy it hands-free on smooth surfaces.

When it comes to butt plugs, there’s a potential to contract infections if the item is shared. Thus, your sex toy should be preserved for personal use alone in all cases. Additionally, only buy materials that your body won’t react to negatively.

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