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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Sex Doll

Written by: Bestvibe Published on December 27,2022

Buying the best sex doll will work wonders for your personal happiness. You may want to enjoy your doll in unimaginable ways. You will develop genuine feelings, and a true partnership will be made between you and her. And, of course, you will have the best sex of your life when fucking your sex doll. Buying a sex doll may not be an easy task; it's a choice that should be researched vigorously. The difference between purchasing the best sex doll for your requirements and buying a mediocre doll is really immense. Let's learn more about sex dolls and how to buy the best one:

What Is A Sex Doll?

A sex doll, also known as a love doll, is a sex toy that resembles a real human being and is utilized for masturbation. As the name "sex doll" itself suggests, they are especially invented to please the sexual desires of their owners. There are many sex doll stores to select from, and making the correct choice is not always easy. Therefore take some time to look at The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Sex Doll before placing an order.


You should decide on the size of the doll you want to buy. There are both mini and full-size types of sex dolls. Mini dolls tend to be less than 100 cm tall. However, if you have enough room to dedicate a special location to your doll, then a full-sized doll is most definitely worth considering.


The sex dolls tend to be made of Thermoplastic Elastomer or TPE and Silicone. There are also sex dolls made with other materials, such as latex and CyberSkin, but when it comes to premium sex dolls, TPE and Silicone are the two main best.

How To Choose A Sex Doll?

There are more options to select from, and making the right choice between all the different types of sex dolls can be a rather difficult task. Dolls come in all shapes and forms. For this, you must look at The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Sex Doll:

How To Buy Sex Doll

There are various considerations and decisions that you'll have to make before buying a sex doll, mainly if it's your first purchase. From the size of the doll to the extra bells and whistles, you can customize the entire experience.

The Appearance And Functionality

Every sex doll there offers oral, vaginal, and anal functionalities. And that's exciting, but what if you want more than that? There are numerous ways that you can enjoy your sex doll, and your specific desires will determine what's perfect and what's not. Do you want realistic jiggly breasts? A mouthwatering blowjob? Or maybe a stimulating boob job? You should consider the features you want your sex doll to have when shopping for one. Consider features like eye color, breast size, body shape, and others. Customize your purchase to look just like you always wanted.

The Material / Design

There are various factors you have to consider when choosing the best sex doll. And they are available in all kinds of materials, silicone and TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) are the most used materials. Silicone is non-porous, hypoallergenic, and heat-resistant. TPE is squishier and more affordable. So, if you have a limited budget, go for a premium TPE sex doll. The material is softer and responsive to touch. However, if you have a large amount of money to spend, get yourself a platinum-cured silicone sex doll and have fun with the best of sensations.

The Pricing

The sex doll's price relies on several factors, including the materials used, additional features included, the size and appearance, among other variables.

Entry-Level Sex Dolls

Most torso sex dolls fall under this category because they're considerably more affordable than their full-size counterparts. They hold most of the features that you'd want in a sex doll but in a small body. The torso dolls are much easier to use.

Mid-Range Sex Dolls

Most dolls are made of TPE, which is more affordable and realistic in functionality. The mid-range options will provide you as much excitement, but you'll have to keep up with a more tasking cleaning schedule. Life-size sex dolls also have a metal skeleton to improve their flexibility and movable joints to improve mobility.

High-End Luxury Sex Dolls

They are made with the purest kind of silicone, platinum cured, and are handcrafted by the best designers. From the eyelashes and fingernails to the breasts and butt, everything is meticulously handmade to ensure that the final product is super realistic. The vagina, ass hole, and mouth are also well crafted to give you the impression that you're having sex with the woman of your dreams.

How To Use A Sex Doll

If you've finally gotten your first sex doll. First of all, you should carefully place it on a flat surface and unwrap it slowly. Then, learn how the sex doll can be moved, where the joints are, how to hook the head, etc. Once everything is prepared, roll out your lube and oil. Pour an appropriate amount on your sex doll's orifice as well as on your penis. Slide in her and a;llow your hands to do the talking; fondle her passionately and enjoy the sight of wobbling breasts and butt. Then, relying on the type of sex doll you have, there are a lot of sex positions that you can enjoy. You can use pillows, the couch, the bed, and other amenities in the house.


What are the differences between TPE and Silicone Sex Dolls?

Both materials are amazing and have a feel like real skin. TPE has become more popular because it is easier to sculpt, and sex doll sculptors have created really sexy and realistic models. Silicone is good, a little bit cleaner, and can be heated for a longer period of time.

How to Hide & Store a Sex Doll?

There are as many options for storing your sex doll as there are sex doll owners. You can store them in a hanging position. Most sex dolls come with a hook in the neck part which can be hung inside a closet, just like your coat. And in a sitting position, either on a chair or on the ground or in a lying position. If your bedroom is in a location away from direct sunlight and high temperatures, then storing your doll in the bed with you is totally acceptable.


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