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Sex Toy Reviews: Adams Automatic Male Masturbator

Written by: Bestvibe Published on May 23,2023

 Stepping into the world of adult novelties is always an adventure, and today we're unpacking an unexpected delight, the Adams Suction Automatic Male Masturbation Cup. This little gem of a device performs exactly as it promises - delivering you to the world of pleasure in record time.

Eder - Automatic Sucking Thrusting Detachable Masturbation Cup



An initial heads up, this pleasure chamber is not for the faint-hearted. It greets you with an intensity that may require a moment's adjustment, snuggly hugging your anatomy in a way that's possibly unlike anything you've experienced. A little advice? Don't skimp on the lube, or you might learn about an intimate variant of rug burn.

The thrill of opening the Adams Masturbator and diving into the "beat-the-clock" challenge was an unexpected delight. It wasn't about whether I'd climax, it was all about the speed. This was no leisurely stroll but a sprint down pleasure lane where breaking personal records became the game. The fun begins with some well-applied lube and a little assistance from a partner. Once your soldier stands at attention, it's into the snug, soft, and highly pleasurable masturbation chamber. Let the games begin!

You're now in a 4-inch pleasure palace that's all about you. It twirls, thrusts, vibrates, and has more tricks up its sleeve than a Vegas magician. As you settle into the experience, you're likely to hit the one-minute mark, but that's just the beginning. Remember, this isn't a competition - it's a pleasure race, and Adams Masturbator is committed to taking you over the finish line.

A little over four minutes in, and you're on cloud nine. Here's the interesting part: this isn't just about a solo experience. Your partner can join the fun too, taking a brief interlude to... well, let's just say the pleasure isn't all digital here.

So, what's the final word on the Adams Masturbator? We're all in. This delight has every bell and whistle a guy could want in a pleasure device. Quick to charge, long-lasting battery life, and so intense that a marathon session is unlikely - unless you're keen to challenge your endurance in a most memorable way.

One thing's for sure - it's user-friendly all the way through, from charging to cleanup. The inner cup is removable, making it a cinch to keep it fresh and ready for the next adventure. Considering a new addition to your pleasure toolbox? The Adams Masturbator earns a solid five stars. This purchase won't lead you astray. It's a reliable companion in the pursuit of personal pleasure.


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