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Important Skills A Girl Must Have About Oral Sex

Written by: Bestvibe Published on December 23,2022

Sex is a basic need of human life, and it is a simple way of enjoying a different orgasm. Giving your male partner a head is not more complicated than a female's because it is not as sensitive as the female vagina. But still, male genitals are more complex than the credit given to them.

Pleasing your male partner with oral sex techniques is all about skills and knowledge about the area which deserves more attention. It is important that girls must know the oral sex skills to please their male partner to provide them with an out-of-this-world experience.

Oral Sex Tips for Your Male Partner

Men have a lot of fantasies, but the thing they most like is receiving heads from women. Therefore, It is vital that girls must know the oral sex skills to make perfect interaction with partner.

Teasing with your tongue –

Sex is not all about having intercourse but several other activities you can include to spice up your sex life. Make sure that you do not start things in a hurry because if you let things off to a slow start, it will increase the intimacy between you and your partner.

If he is not quite fully aroused and you want to give them intense pleasure, start with the technique of teasing him with your wet tongue.

· Flicking and gliding your tongue along the length of his penis or licking his scrotum or frenulum would be a good head start for your night.

· After that, you should slowly trace your full tongue up to the dick head and then start circling it around with your wet tongue. It will make them feel good.

· A slow and steady start of teasing his genitals would be a good anticipation for both of you. Men often get excited whenever they receive a good-quality head.

Using your hand would also help –

Including your hands with your tongue to enhance their orgasm. You can use your finger to squeeze their penis or include your finger to give them a soft touch.

· Start by wrapping your hand around his shaft and moving up and down while licking his head or the upper part of his shaft. Sucking it slowly would definitely arouse him.

· Include your hands properly while swirling his shaft. Then, start moving his head against your mouth, and your tongue does not suck it fully; wait for the right moment.

· While teasing his shaft with your mouth, start squeezing his shaft slowly to arouse and enhance the intimacy between you and your partner.

One of the most important things you should remember while giving your partner head, including your hand, is that you have to lube your hand with good quality lubricant so it won't hurt your partner. Oral sex is not only capable of providing orgasm to your partner, but you can also be intimated during this kind of foreplay. Girls must know the oral sex skills because this can also enhance their sexual excitement.

Do not forget about the testicle and scrotum –

The testicle is one of the most sensitive parts of a man's body, so ensure you include them while performing such activity. Testicle does not have a lot of nerve endings as penis do but still, including them while providing head can help them to encourage blood circulation within their genitals. It can also increase ejaculation production. There are some rules you must understand while including the testicle and scrotum into play.

· Do not get rough while you touch their testicles and squeeze them gently. Sucking it roughly might hurt them, so make sure that you do not cause them pain it can worsen your whole experience.

· It would be best if you asked your male partner before taking them into play because not everyone likes to include them while getting head. On the other hand, some people love including their testicles during the play.

· Take off everything you have in your hand, such as clunky rings, so it won't hurt them. Be careful about your fingernails and watch your teeth so that they won't penetrate their skin and tissues.

If you are performing oral sex for the first time, ensure that you only use gentle kissing and sucking skills. After performing several sessions, you can even include other activities.

Increase your speed and intensity while reaching the climax –

When you finally get to know that your male partner is about to cum. You should instantly help them by gradually increasing your speed because whatever you do with them is providing them with intense pleasure, and they are about to give you a climax.

For instance, if you are sucking, then make sure to apply a little more pressure with a little bit faster pace to help them build up.

You have to stick with one activity whenever they are about to provide you climax because changing too often will decrease their intimacy. Holding your rhythm is one of the key factors while performing oral sex.


Oral sex is also considered the initial stage of starting any sexual performance. Receiving oral sex is a very fun activity that can provide intense pleasure, and receiving it from both parties can be a good option. Girls must know the oral sex skills because this will definitely help to enhance sexual experience, and you will be able to satisfy all the needs of your partner with perfection.


1. Does giving a blowjob to a male partner a good start?

Ans. Yes, 100 % a blowjob is a dream of every man, so it would be a good idea for you to start.

2. What flavor of lube would be perfect for oral sex?

Ans. It is completely up to your preference. Several flavors are available throughout the market, such as chocolate, strawberry, pineapple, and many more. During oral sex, you can also feel the taste of flavors.


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