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A Guide to Making Sex Toys Accessible

Written by: Bestvibe Published on February 14,2023

Sex is a basic human need; most people view sex toys as a naughty bonus. "Sex toys can not only give you pleasure, but they are assistive technology just like a cane or a shower chair. "They allow you to explore and enjoy your bodies. Often sex toys are viewed as novelties or optional when necessary for many individuals with disabilities or chronic illness (and without)."

Most sex toys are costly, and for some people, it becomes harder to get accessible sex toys. However, here is a guide that helps you on How Do You Make Sex Toys Accessible?:

How Do You Make Sex Toys Accessible?

Here are some ways to make sex toys accessible, or at least some points to get you thinking about how to make sex toys accessible.

Make Sex Toys Easy To Handle

Length, width, and material – are three essential things when making a sex toy. They're also three crucial things you consider when buying a sex toy. If the material is rough, slippy, or the toy is too short, it's not going on your 'to buy' list.

Make Buttons Big, Easy To Press, And For Bonus Points Light Up (Within Reason).

Buttons that are small, plastic, and hard to press automatically end up on your list to avoid – unless you are testing them. You don't want to work too much to press a button to enjoy yourself. You also don't want to accidentally press it as you fumble around continually re-gripping the toy because your hands are cramping. Buttons that light up are great, but toys that flash or flicker when they're on are not. They hurt your eyes due to sensitivities, and in some cases, could be epilepsy or migraine risk if not careful.

Use Only As Much Packaging As You Need To.

Trying to get into multiple boxes when you just want to use the toy is the most annoying thing. You don't want to pull something off the box – the outer slip, to then have to open a box that's taped shut to then get through hard plastic. Not only is it bad for the environment, but it's also bad for hands that hate movement.

Does It Really Need To Be That Heavy?

The box springs to mind here – you may get it in a sale, then don't use it ever again after the inaugural try because it was so damn heavy! Even your partner – who actually has muscles, must complain about the weight.

Know That 'Okay For Most' Is Only Okay For Some

"It should be fine if you put some strength into it!" Strength is not something everyone possesses. Strength is also not something you can afford to spend on a sex toy. If you are using energy to open or use a sex toy, it better be a bloody good sex toy. If your toy requires a lot of effort, it is inherently inaccessible. Spend 10 minutes figuring out how to put it on, how to get the batteries in, or how to work it. Not only does it ruin the mood, and it takes away valuable energy.

Be Mindful Of Your Packaging Materials

Strips of cardboard, mini blown-up plastic bags, and foam bits – all things you've had sex toys packaged in. you definitely want a sex toy to arrive in good condition and know they've not been tampered with, but you don't want a bunch of packing materials that are hard to dispose of. Going to the recycling bin or recycling center might not be possible for some.

Plugin vs Rechargeable Vs Batteries

Whilst rechargeable toys cost a little more, to begin with, it means that in the long run, there are fewer trips out to the shop. There are also fewer orders that include even more packaging, and you end up spending less time annoyed attempting to recycle the darn things.

Your mini battery rant aside, batteries also pose another problem – you have to get whatever cover protects them. You've found that nearly every toy you've tried to get batteries out of is problematic. Again, not an easy thing to change, it's a massive cost, and everyone is different in their preferences. Of course, each option has a pros and cons list, but how many companies think of how to make sex toys accessible when they're dealing with the power source?

There are other ways you can know on How Do You Make Sex Toys Accessible?, but here are a few examples of ways to make sex toys accessible. You need to include everyone when you think about making sex toys. Whether you do that through having an easy-open packaging option, having an audio recording of an instruction manual for the deaf or HoH, or even having a tick box.

Disabled people are used to being an afterthought – just look at pavements. Pavements are not made for people with walking difficulties, accessibility devices, or even the blind, etc. Pavements are made for healthy, able-bodied people that can maneuver easily around obstacles and deal with changes in depth, textures, and paving material. But the disabled need pavements too, so why aren't they considered? Don't make people an afterthought when it comes to their own sexual pleasure. Finally, if you're not sure how to make sex toys accessible, ask! Put out surveys, consider how different medical conditions can affect users, and know that you might get it wrong, but the best thing you can do is admit that you might, include individuals you're making the toys accessible for if you're able-bodied, and always be willing to learn more.

What To Look For When Buying Accessible Sex Toys

Here are some of the features to look for when sex toy shopping for accessible toys.

● Look for body-safe or medical-grade materials. This is especially important for people with sensitive skin or prone to an allergic reaction.

● Make sure the toy is easy to hold. Looking for a thin nook where they can place their fingers to hold the toy is easier than a toy that requires a tight grip to maneuver. You might also want to look for a bulbous bottom on the toy that you can hold like a stick shift; this can be easier on the hands than a straight shaft.

● Get a toy that does the majority of the work for you. Go for deeper, rumbly vibrations that stimulate a larger area. Ideally, a toy will have good-quality vibration and a shape that makes even the slightest small movement pleasurable.

● Think of it as an investment. While some accessible toys are expensive, it's usually worth the investment to use something that is safe and accessible to you.


What's the benefit of using sex toys?

Sex toys are great for the exploration of yourself and your partner. Mainly for women who have had problems with excitement and orgasm in the past, they can be a great resource to find new techniques to achieve pleasure goals.

How to Shop for Accessible Sex Toys When You Live With Chronic Pain

Before You Shop: Expand Your Definition of Sex

● Look for Easy-to-Press Buttons

● Look for Toys With Long Handles

● Look for Toys That Are Lightweight and Easy to Grip

● Opt for a Hands-Free Toy


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