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Vee-String Panties

by Bestvibe on November 02,2021

The V-string is characterized by a hollow design on the back buttocks, and the back is shaped like a letter V.

The V-string is characterized by a hollow design on the back buttocks, and the back is shaped like a letter V.

Vee-String Panties

The Pros and Cons

1.The three-way collection of yin tract, urethra, and anus in the private triangle of women produces a small amount of urine, sweat, feces and yin tract secretions every day. To some extent, underwear is a collection of bacteria and excrement.

2.Underwear that is too tight will cause the private parts to be airtight, hot and humid, and provide a large number of breeding grounds for bacteria and pathogens. For a long time, urinary tract infections, yin tract inflammation, folliculitis and other diseases will be a matter of minutes.

3.In addition, the fabric of thongs is narrow, and the private parts are only tied by a rope or cloth belt. If worn for a long time, it may cause skin friction and breakage, causing infection or allergies.

Recommendations for Choosing Sexy Underwear

1.In terms of materials, first of all, of course, you should choose cotton, soft or breathable fabrics, which have better sweat absorption and comfort. Synthetic fibers such as nylon and polyester are much more irritating to the skin than natural fibers, so even if you can't choose pure cotton, you should try to choose natural fiber materials such as silk and cotton.

2.In terms of style, a looser version of sexy underwear is recommended. Although it is not as attractive as tight underwear, it can undoubtedly provide a more comfortable and healthy environment for women's private parts.

3.In terms of cleaning and drying, you need to pay attention to cleaning and replacing them every day, and drying them in a cool and ventilated place. Friends who are prone to damp in the south remember to dry their underwear before wearing them. Damp underwear can easily breed mold and damage the health of private parts.

4.Finally, you must choose the sexy underwear that suits you. If you feel unfit or feel uncomfortable during the wearing process, you must take it off and replace it as soon as possible.