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Vagina Repair Ball

by Bestvibe on October 28,2021

What are Vagina Repair Balls?

The vagina shrinking ball is also called Luna ball, Kegel ball, or vagina yoga ball. Another kind is similar to vagina dumbbell, which is a kind of exercise that women put in the vagina to strengthen the inner wall of the vagina and the female sphincter and pelvic floor muscles. Sensitivity and flexibility make it instantly sense like a mimosa, and then the relaxation of the muscles of the vaginal wall accelerates the pleasure of orgasm. At present, many women, especially postpartum women, have the problem of vaginal slack, and the vaginal bulb shrinks to solve the problem of female vaginal slack through physical exercise.

Vagina Repair Ball Vagina Repair Ball

The principle of shrinking the vagina is to put a ball with a certain weight inside the vagina. Through the static falling weight, the tension of the cell tissue is caused to stimulate the enhancement of the cell tissue. At the same time, the steel ball in the shrinking vaginal ball slides when the body is turning, which makes the vagina feel irritating and produces a tightening effect of peristalsis.

The choice of shrinking the ball:

If it is light, it can't achieve the effect of stimulating cell tissue;

Too heavy, the falling feeling is too strong, it is uncomfortable;

The weight of a solid ball is too heavy to reach the stimulation of peristalsis;

The space inside the ball is not large enough, and there is not enough space inside, so that the steel ball cannot produce a smooth rolling function.

A suitable shrinking ball, the inner ball has a certain space, which can allow the steel ball to roll quickly. Single or double balls should be round.

Vagina Repair Ball Vagina Repair Ball