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Vagina Care

by Bestvibe on November 02,2021

Both the vulva and the vagina are composed of squamous epithelium, which has strong resistance. The labia majora on both sides are normally closed naturally, like a pair of willow-shaped door gods, closely fitting together, covering the vaginal opening and urethral opening, and guarding and protecting the two terminal organs of the urinary and reproductive systems.

The private parts are "sensitive" areas. If daily care is not performed properly, it is easy for various bacteria to take advantage of it. In order to prevent various gynecological diseases, many women habitually place a bottle of vaginal cleaning fluid in the bathroom and insist on cleaning it every day. It is important to clean the private parts, but can the future problems be prevented by using a disinfectant lotion every day? How to wash a woman's private parts is the healthiest?

Expert Advice

Under normal circumstances, try to use vaginal cleaning fluid as little as possible, just rinse with clean water, and do not perform intravaginal cleaning, otherwise it will cause trouble.

Cleaning frequency: once a day is enough.

Cleaning method: showering with warm water is the best way. If there is no shower condition, a special basin must be used for washing.

Cleaning Sequence:

1. Wash your hands before washing the vulva, gently wash the vulva with your hands to reduce friction and irritation to the skin, and do not scrub with a damp cloth.

2. There is also a sequence when washing the vulva-first wash the vulva from front to back, then wash the labia majora and minor labia, and finally wash around the anus and anus. This prevents bacteria in the anal opening from contaminating the vagina and urethral opening.

3. After washing the vulva and urinating, the bacteria can be washed out of the body by the urine.

Cleaning liquid product use: When using cleaning liquid, use health-care cleaning products that can decontaminate and sterilize. It is best to follow the doctor's advice. Do not use acid-alkaline cleaning liquids incorrectly and destroy the ecological environment in the vagina.

Woman's private parts cleaning method in special period

Menstrual Cleaning Method:

1. Change sanitary napkins frequently and clean the vulva with warm water twice a day

2. If you can't wash in the shower, you should wash one person, one basin, one towel, one soup, and the genitals and feet should be washed separately.

3. Don’t take a cold bath, even in summer, don’t take a bath

Cleaning Methods When Suffering from Trichomonal Vaginitis:

1. It can be cleaned about 2 times a day

2. Choose acidic cleaning fluid to prevent the growth of trichomonas

3. It is necessary not only to clean the vulva, but also to clean the vagina

Cleaning Method when Suffering from Cervical Erosion:

1. Clean 1-2 times a day

2. Avoid tub baths and vaginal douches within 1 month after using electric irons

3. It is forbidden to sit in the bath after the cervix is ​​put on the medicine

Cleaning Method when Suffering from Fungal Vaginitis:

1. Clean it about 2 times a day

2. Use alkaline cleaning fluid to prevent mold growth

3. Wash the vulva and vagina at the same time

Cleaning Method during Pregnancy:

1. Leucorrhea increases during pregnancy, and it is especially prone to infections. Wash it with warm water several times a day

2. Change underwear every day, wash it immediately, and dry it in the sun

3. Do not clean the vagina without a doctor's instruction. If you have abnormal leucorrhea (a large amount and smell), you should seek medical attention as soon as possible

Cleaning Method after Childbirth:

1. It is not advisable for women to take a bath immediately because of vaginal injuries after childbirth. Under normal circumstances, you can take a bath for more than 3 days after giving birth in summer and one week after giving birth in winter, once a day or slightly less than normal.

2. It is best to use a warm and hot water bath. Never sit in the bath, stand up even if you use the basin

3. If there is a large amount of lochia and smelly, seek medical attention as soon as possible

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