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Thong Panties

by Bestvibe on November 02,2021

The area covered by the thong is small, and the perineum is only tied by a thick cloth strap. Due to the strong local pressure of the cloth tape and the constant friction with the skin, it is easy to cause local skin damage and infection. Therefore, while being beautiful and sexy, you must know how to use it reasonably.

T-back, also known as T-pants and G-string trousers, is a small range of briefs, named after the shape of the "T" character. Thongs are driven by models due to the prevalence of light and intimate clothing on the show. With the advent of summer, the time to wear light clothing has increased, and the desire to remove the embarrassment marks has made more girls choose thongs. Thongs are no longer just to get rid of embarrassment, they are more of a sexy decoration.

Thong Panties

The Style of Thong

1. Thong

This is the most basic one. The cloth strip at the waist is in the shape of a belt. The cloth strip at the back of the waist is narrowed from width. This design is close to the body and comfortable to wear.

Thong Panties


This kind of thong is often just a thin thread. There is a small piece of fabric on the front to block important parts. The back is a "T" shape.

3 Cheeky

This is considered to be a kind of thong with more fabric. The bottom of the thong is thin, but there is more fabric covering the waist.

When you wear a light-colored tight skirt, thongs are undoubtedly the best choice to eliminate inner marks.