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Stockings & Pantyhose

by Bestvibe on November 03,2021

Stocking pantyhose are short pants and long socks in one, flush with the waist high.

The role of stockings.

1. Trim your Legs

Some small flaws and defects of the legs can be covered by stockings, and the softness and smoothness of the stockings can increase the beauty of the legs. Therefore, female employees in many industries must wear stockings at work.

2. Cold protection and Warmth

When the weather is cold and you don't want to wear too thick clothes, you can choose a pair of stockings of appropriate thickness to wear on your legs, which can prevent cold and keep you warm, and avoid too much bloating of the legs.

3. Sun protection and Anti-sweat

When you go out in summer, wearing a pair of stockings on your legs can greatly reduce the intensity of sunlight on your legs, and also play a protective role against ultraviolet rays.

When wearing pants in summer, when the legs sweat, the pants will stick to the legs, increasing the friction between the skin of the legs and the pants, bringing great inconvenience to the action. If you wear a pair of smooth, breathable stockings inside the pants, the pants will not stick to the skin of your legs no matter if they are sweaty or not.

4. Prevent Edema

People who work standing for a long time, such as greeters and waiters, are prone to edema because their legs are in a lower position for a long time. Wearing stockings is equivalent to exerting a certain pressure on the legs from the outside of the legs, which can greatly reduce leg pain, swelling and fatigue. In addition, people who fly for a long time, wearing tight leggings or stockings can also avoid the phenomenon of blood clots in the legs.

Stockings & Pantyhose