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by Bestvibe on October 29,2021

Speculum (speculum), also known as a diagnostic device, is a medical device used to examine body orifices (such as the vagina, anus, nostrils, ear canal, mouth), will be designed for different body orifices of different shapes. One of the instruments used to examine the vagina is called a speculum, because its shape is similar to the beak of a duck, so also known as the duck beak device, and in pornographic films are also used as props. The purpose of the speculum is similar to that of an endoscope, which is used to see inside the orifice. But the endoscope is transmitted through the fiber optic image, while the purpose of the speculum is to directly see the internal situation.

Some speculums can keep the passage of the body orifice straight, so that it is easy to see directly into the interior. Some speculums can enlarge the body orifice to facilitate inspection.