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Silicone Dildos

by Bestvibe on October 13,2022

A silicone dildo is a kind of adult sex toy, it can provide you with a shallow thrust or deep penetration. These are the most realistic and soft shafts available in the market, giving you a lifelike experience.If you want to indulge in intercourse or enjoy the solo act, silicone dildos are your finest option. They can be smooth or have rigged surfaces. And they have many shapes, some are straight, others are curved to reach your G-spot conveniently. Besides, these toys are non-toxic,hypoallergenic ,hygienic, odorless and are completely safe for people to use.

The Best Silicone Dildos Types:

Realistic Dildos:

Just as its name implies,these dildos look like penis,which give women lifelike experience.It feels similar to actual intercourse with your partner.

Suction Cup Dildo:

These toys come with a suction base, then you could use it on flat surfaces, such as table, chair and even ground,wherever you like. The best part of using a realistic suction dildo is that you can enjoy touching other parts of your body and excite the clitoris besides reveling in the penetration. Some models even have remote control and vibrating suction cups.

Squirting Dildos:

This kind of dildos is the best because it is could give you an unforgettable experience.Apart from resembling a penis, squirting dildos ejaculate.Needless to say it can give single ladies the best experience because it feels like when a man ejaculates inside them. In addition,you can feel the reservoir with water or lubricant and enjoy the sensation.

Silicone Dildos

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