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Shower Gel

by Bestvibe on November 02,2021

Shower gel refers to a liquid cleaning agent used in bathing. It is a common cleaning product for modern people. The invention of shower gel is mainly to replace the touch and effect of traditional clean soap. When shower gel touches people’s skin, it will not feel as hard as soap. The effect of amino acid shower gel is particularly obvious. Compared with shower gel made of sulfate surfactants, the PH value of amino acid shower gel is lower, and it is mild and moisturizing. Skin, will not cause strong acid-base irritation to the skin.

What is a Shower Gel?

Shower gel is a body cleaning auxiliary product that people often use when taking a bath in daily life. It can be seen everywhere in large shopping malls and small stores. It has become an indispensable product in modern people’s lives. The missing part. With its efficacy and tall appearance, shower gel has been squeezed out of soap and soap, making it the first choice for people to take a bath.

Shower Gel

Conditions for Choosing Shower Gel

1. Taste

It is important to know the reason why shower gel is more popular than soap, because it smells much better than soap. The shower gel can give the user a natural fragrance, which smells more gentle and easy to accept than perfume, just like the body scent of a person, but you must pay attention when choosing a shower gel. Don't choose that A shower gel with chemical artificial fragrance as the main ingredient. The smell of such shower gel is more pungent than perfume, and it may even cause harm to the human body.

2. The Foam Produced during Use

The shower gel that can produce a lot of foam during use will make people clean and more comfortable, and the foam can penetrate into the depths of the human skin more easily than water, and it can clean and care the skin in depth, effectively remove stains and make the skin cleaner.

3. Under Normal PH Conditions,

The sebum membrane of the human body is weakly acidic. When tested with acid-base indicator paper, the pH value is generally between 4 and 6.9, so when choosing a personal toiletries such as shower gel , Also choose products that meet the human sebum membrane. Generally speaking, the pH value of shower gel suitable for human use measured with pH indicator paper is mostly around 5. Because only the same weakly acidic shower gel can better meet the requirements of the human sebum membrane, open all the pores on the surface of the human body, go deep into the skin of the human body, and perform powerful and effective cleansing. Alkaline shower gel can only meet the requirements of surface cleansing, and it is also easy to damage the stratum corneum on the human body surface.

4. Ingredients

Shower gels with different ingredients have different specific effects. For example, shower gels with herbal ingredients can also remove mites while cleaning. But no matter how the ingredients are different, there is a most basic requirement that is to ensure the cleansing power while being gentle and non-irritating, and try to choose natural formulas.

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