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by Bestvibe on November 02,2021

Shampoo is a cleansing agent used to wash the body secreted oils, sweat dirt, shed cells on the scalp, as well as foreign dust, microorganisms and bad odors attached to the scalp and hair, to keep the scalp and hair clean .


The word shampoo comes from India and champo-, which means massage. It was first recorded in English in 1762 as a head massage substance composed of lye, oil and fragrance. The soap used for shaving was cooked in water conservancy, and herbs were added to use this mixture to make the hair shiny and scented, and it was considered to be the “cutting-edge technology” of the time.

Early shampoos were relatively rough, and many products were irritating to the skin and eyes. These contemporary products are efficient, beautiful and gentle.



√Easy to spread and penetrate evenly on the head

√Easy to clean, not sticky

√Can effectively remove grease and dirt without irritation

√Mild smell, light and not pungent

√There is no water-insoluble fat soap on the hair after rinsing

√After washing, the hair is light and easy to comb

√The foam is exquisite and smooth to the touch

√ Fewer non-cleaning additives

√The solution is thin and transparent, without sediment

√Small dosage and large penetration of cloth



The shampoos currently on the market are mainly synthetic shampoos:

☆According to the acid-base degree, it can be divided into three categories: acidic, alkaline, and neutral.

☆In terms of appearance, there are liquid paste, milky powder, etc.

☆According to the object of use, there are neutral use, dry use, oily use, special for ironing and dyeing, men's, women's and babies' use.

At present, shampoo products are mainly classified according to the hair quality and condition of the hair, mainly including:

→Universal type, suitable for various hair types

→Moisturizing type, suitable for dry hair

→Dandruff type, suitable for oily hair with dandruff

→Nutrition type, suitable for perm and damaged hair

→Anti-dropping type, suitable for hair that is prone to hair loss