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Sexy Nightdress

by Bestvibe on November 03,2021

When it comes to the origin of the word, you may be surprised to learn that something so "foreign" is an authentic foreign word. The original word paejama comes from the Hindi language and is a combination of the Persian words pai and jamah. pai means "leg" in Persian and jamah means "clothes". pajamas, as the name implies, are leg pajamas, as the name implies, is a garment for the legs - pants. These were originally loose pants worn by Middle Eastern and Indian people when they went out, but European colonists gave them a new role - pajama pants. At first there were no nightgowns, but when pajama pants arrived in cold Europe, people invented the nightgown.


The material of the nightgown is generally more silky, covering a relatively large area of the body of the other, so when embracing will feel particularly comfortable, and feel comfortable area is also larger; if wearing a nightgown without underwear, the kind of hidden than the translucent more tempting.

Sexy Nightdress