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Sexy Kimonos

by Bestvibe on November 02,2021

What are Sexy Kimonos?

Sexy underwear with kimono elements. It has a visually stimulating effect, promotes the secretion of hormones, combines taste and sex, and becomes a product of spiritual civilization. The more accurate name of domestic erotic underwear is erotic clothing, which is an adult product between underwear and clothing. Erotic underwear is a derivative of underwear. Like many adult products, erotic underwear is already a very common product in Europe, America and other countries. However, in China, it has gradually been accepted by the public in the past two years. "Mystery", mostly with temptation as an element, produces a strong sense of temptation visually, so that both sexes can achieve a complete sexual experience.

Sexy Kimonos


satin, polyester fibre (Hand wash).