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Sexy Bras

by Bestvibe on November 02,2021

What are Sexy Bras?

Sexy lingerie is to highlight women's sexy points and make up for women's shortcomings. Wearing erotic underwear highlights the sexual charm of the flesh and arouses sexual desire. Generally, the effect and freshness are emphasized.

Sexy Bras

Cup type

a, Fullness

Features: Deeper and larger cups can contain the breasts, and the pull frame and bottom edge are wider, which can provide more upward pulling force. The inflexibility of the cloth is to solve the vibration of the breast caused by the action for women.

Function: Prevent and treat embarrassing incidents of external chest waves.

b, Cup type

Features: This kind of bra is full lace, half-cup type, small shoulder straps, suitable for thin body, small and exquisite breasts.

Function: It has the function of raising the breasts, making the breasts tall and straight.

c, Strapless

Features: Most of the chest is supported by steel rims,

Domestic: Used to match strapless and wide-necked sexy clothing.

d, Implicit form, seamless

Features: Skin-based, elastic like skin. Full-cup cups, the surface of the cup is seamlessly treated, and thick cotton pads are sewn into it. The soil platform around the bust is also seamlessly treated. It can be worn with full breasts.

Function: Suitable for matching tight-fitting clothing and translucent outerwear without showing the marks of the bra.

e, Front button

Features: The bra with the hooks installed on the front.

Function: It is easy to wear and has some concentrated effect, but beware of the aging of the supporting fabric and loss of elastic support, which will cause the chest to open.

f, Slim waist

Features: This kind of bra is 3/4 cup, the big bowl-shaped underwire pushes up the breasts, and the high-waisted panties tighten the waist and abdomen to tighten the waist.

Function: Suitable for people with plump body shape.

g. Classical

Features: dark fabrics decorated with golden lace radiating classical light, half cup holding high bra,

Function: The outer shoulder strap is suitable for women with perfect body shape.

h, Social

Features: It can lift the chest, tighten the waist and abdomen, the shoulder straps can be removed, and can be equipped with all kinds of outer wear functions: it can be used in various social occasions.