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Sex Slings

by Bestvibe on October 25,2021

Elevate your pleasure with the Sex Sling, a super-comfy hammock-style sex swing for play that'll have you swinging from the rafters - literally. It's ultra-padded for supreme comfort and fully adjustable for the perfect height and angle.

Giving a whole new meaning to ‘swinging from the chandelier’, a sex swing such as the Purple Reins Sex Sling is a great way to experiment with new positions, exciting techniques and the feeling of zero gravity sex!

Sex Slings

A strong metal frame holds a series of straps in place, supporting your bottom, feet and/or hands. This metal frame fixes into a secure ceiling beam using a special screw that is amazingly durable.

You can remove most sex swings after use and fold them away under the bed for total discretion.

Don't have a sturdy ceiling to hang a swing from?

Why not try the Bondage Boutique Over the Door Sex Swing? It hooks over any solid household door and creates reliable support no matter how heated things get.

Plus it requires hardly any set up and is super easy to hide away between uses, leaving no evidence of your adventures.

Sex Slings


1.Super-comfy sex sling to support 'swinger' in a reclined position for elevated pleasure

2.Best suited to homes with high ceilings and strong rafters

3.Industrial-strength C-shape support frame is perfect for adding extra restraints to

4. Fully adjustable for the perfect height and angle

5.Safely holds up to 140kg/22 stone of weight

Sex Slings