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Ribbed Condoms

by Bestvibe on November 02,2021

The ribbed condoms is generally thicker, which means that the stimulation for men will be greatly reduced, but the sex time can be prolonged (whether it is thicker). Mainly to stimulate women. But many women don't feel any special feelings.

Give your guy a little extra texture with ribbed condoms. The revolutionary comfort design allows you greater freedom of movement for a more lifelike sensation, with the bands of raised ridges adding intense stimulation for your partner.

Ribbed Condoms


Made from premium, super-comfortable latex that's tapered at the base for a more secure fit, these condoms are coated inside and out in a layer of UltraSmooth Premium lube to increase your pleasure.

A totally unique take on ribbed condoms, these innovative rubbers cover your penis with raised tattoo designs to pleasure your partner during sex.

Each condom features a reservoir tip and is pre-lubed with silicone lubricant for slick pleasure.

Ribbed Condoms

Key Features

Comfort design gives you more freedom of movement while bands of ridges add thrilling stimulation

Coated with lubricant to improve comfort for both of you

Tapered at the base for a secure fit

Reservoir end decreases the likelihood of splitting or tearing