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Realistic Sex Dolls

by Bestvibe on October 27,2022

Realistic sex dolls are all entities in the doll's body, with simulations or fillings inside, which are close to the real structure.

Realistic sex doll is a kind of doll with sexual functions. It is a solid bionic doll that simulates a human at a ratio of 1:1. It is currently the closest to a real person except for a wax figure. The physical doll has a skeleton built in, which can almost simulate various postures of humans. The high-end physical dolls also have voice interaction, and can even realize their own heating through the power supply.

Realistic Sex Dolls


At present, there are mainly two kinds of physical dolls on the market, one is silicone material and the other is tpe material.

Silica gel (medical silica gel): Silica gel is a thermosetting elastomer with the advantages of safety and non-toxicity, insoluble in water and any solvents, non-toxic, tasteless, hygienic and safe.

The first physical silicone dolls are made of medical silicone. Generally, they are more delicate, with clear skin texture, delicate and realistic, and good abrasion resistance, but the price is more expensive, generally more than 10,000, or even hundreds of thousands. indivual

TPE material: It is a material with high elasticity, high strength, high resilience of rubber, and the characteristics of injection molding. It is plastic and softer. The silicone entity doll of this material has only emerged in recent years. .

The cost of tpe material is extremely low, which has reduced the price of silicone entity dolls to a certain extent. The price of TPE material dolls is generally only a few thousand yuan, and better ones are around 10,000 yuan, which is cheaper than traditional medical silicone dolls. A lot.

The Composition of Realistic Sex Doll

The entity doll is generally divided into three parts:


The physical dolls mainly have silicone or tpe to simulate human skin.

The silicone simulation is as smooth and delicate as real human skin, soft and elastic.

The tpe material simulates human skin, with a softer and smoother feel, and a touch closer to real human skin.

Compared with silicone, the appearance of the two is more realistic, and the tpe material is softer and closer to the real person, but the authenticity performance is not as good as the physical doll of silicone.

2. Skeleton.

A metal skeleton is installed inside the body of the physical doll, which can play various postures within a certain range.

3. Head carving.

There are three main types of head sculpts, tpe head sculpts, silicone hair transplant head sculpts, and silicone wig head sculpts.Among them, the head sculpture made of tpe material cannot be transplanted, only wigs.

The performance of the head sculpture made of silicone material is more real than that of the head sculpture made of tpe material. Because the head sculpture made of silicone material is harder, it cannot be used for oral sex, while the head sculpture made of tpe material is softer, so it can be used for oral sex.


1. The use of physical dolls can solve the problem of sexual depression and the physiological needs of men and women without a partner.

2. Using this kind of sex toys can effectively reduce the probability of disease transmission.

3. For single men and women who have a lot of pressure in their daily lives, the use of physical dolls can effectively solve this pressure.

4. The use of physical dolls can greatly enhance the life interest of single men and women, effectively adjust some of the boring, plain and uninteresting in daily life, and can add more color to life.

5. For single men and women, using this kind of sex toys can effectively save daily expenses.

6. Because physical dolls can greatly reduce the problem of imbalance between men and women, and reduce some social crimes

Realistic Sex Dolls

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