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Queening Chairs

by Bestvibe on November 02,2021

A Queening chair or rather a facesitting chair is a chair that makes it possible for an individual to have oral stimulation of the vagina or in some cases the anus. This oral sex chair is a relatively low chair that sex partners, use to gain comfort while having a clear view of the anus or vagina.

This Queening seat is constructed in a U-shaped pattern and it's mostly been used by a female. This Queening chair is focused on the dominant partner, usually a feminine as she takes full charge of her submissive partner. This BDSM Queening Chair is not only mysterious but also a very sexy and hot way of spicing up your sex life. If you have watched some porn videos, then there's a chance that you may have come across a BDSM Queening chair being used.

Queening Chairs


Queening chair with windows: Who doesn't like a bit of creativeness on their Queening chair? This type of Queening chair is a bit transparent given the fact that it has windows in its design.

Body worship: This type of Queening bench focuses more on the anus. It has a head support cushion which you can take off if you deem fit. It is a bit sturdier but with its latest design, it certainly would become a bit sturdier.

Smoother box: This type of Queening chair is going to be appreciated by dominant women. It focuses on lots of things and comfort happens to be one of them.

Rim chair: This type of Queening chair is void of pins, and that makes it possible to have its height as well as the angle adjusted for a more sensation feeling.