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Pony Play Gags

by Bestvibe on October 28,2021

The difference between a gag and a mouthpiece is that a gag is a ball, and a gag is a dog bone, a common sadomasochistic device that seals the mouth or keeps the mouth open for a long time so that the wearer cannot speak. In sadomasochistic activities, only the abused will wear the gag, and the abuser will not wear it. Wearing a gag means being deprived of the right to speak, causing a sense of humiliation and helplessness.

Also known as a ring gag, the construction is a circular ring attached to the ends of an elastic band. The gag allows the wearer's mouth to remain open for a long time while the abuser forces a penis or dildo into the abused person's mouth to force oral sex.

The use of a mouth shackle is similar to that of a mouth ball, but the ring may tip over in the mouth, losing its effect and possibly causing injury to the oral epidermis.

The practicality of a ring-shaped mouth shackle alone is not great, as getting rid of it would be easy (just needing the tongue to push hard on the ring to make it topple over), but if it is only used for sadistic purposes, it would be great because the penis can be inserted into the mouth, greatly increasing the fun of sadism. It is worth noting, however, that because the mouth shackle restricts the movement of the lips, oral sex performed while wearing a mouth shackle can only be performed by the tongue, and the pleasure of sucking will be difficult to achieve.

Pony Play Gags