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Pocket Pussies

by Bestvibe on October 24,2022

What is pocket pussy?

An inverted model that simulates the external shape of a woman's vulva.It has many similarities with the masturbation cup.Small and portable: easy to carry, intelligent heating function allows you to still be very convenient to use in cold weather, a more simulated massage experience.

With a few amount of lubricant, you can easily insert the penịs into the flesh channel, while feeling the raised ridges, balls and strips passing by, massaging your glans or penịs. Follow the moans of women in sex movies to control your rhythm, everything is under your control. The sliding switch at the bottom can adjust the internal air pressure, which affects the force of the squeeze and suction. Close your eyes and enjoy this breath-taking moment , as if you are having sex with a real women

Pocket Pussies


Made of high quality TPE + ABS material which is soft, flexible, skin-friendly and odor free, giving a marvelous experience with every thrust.