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Penis Extenders

by Bestvibe on October 19,2022

Penis extension sleeve is used to increase the length of the penis and female stimulation, excellent sleeve with thread and into the bead, and SM type penis sleeve (like chastity belt).

First, you need to know that they might be called sleeves of the dick. The purpose to increase both the length and girth of a man’s cock. It is a dildo that you wear that is longer and thicker than your penis size. They are usually very similar to the average penis and look very life-like, but there are other variations of penis extenders that could widen your imagination. Some come in different colors, shapes, and textures that welcome a different sensation from the normal cock. The cock extender can be called other names such as penis sheath, penis enhancer, dick sleeves, and so much more. It fits into the penis and a strap or any other related material is used to hold it in place. Though the sleeve isn’t a permanent solution to small penis size, it solves the issue doesn’t it – with fantasy options too. However, if you desire a more permanent solution, you can consider some other penis-extending options like lotions, pills, and surgeries for the extreme event.


Rubber Penis Extender:

As the name implies, this cock sleeve is made from rubber. Because it is made from this material, it is flexible, and very much like human skin. The lengths could be about 6 to 11 inches in length and a circumference of about 4 to 7 inches. Some are floppy while some are made from hard rubber. Because rubber is very easy to manipulate and mold, most rubber cock sleeves are made with different textures such as bumps and a little soft roughness. This adds sensation during penetrative sex. Some are waterproof and some aren’t. A few of them also cover the balls and others are for the penis alone. Rubber penis extenders are hard to clean though (because they are porous) and can react to chemicals easily. Therefore, storing and cleaning might be a little challenging. Also, it is advisable to beware of rubber cock sleeves that contain phthalates. It is harmful to the skin and can lead to irritation or skin problems. And before using the rubber penis extender on your partner and yourself, be sure that you aren’t allergic.

Silicone Penis Extender:

Unlike the rubber variation, this one is easier to manage, store, and clean. It is soft and closely similar to the actual penis in terms of color and feeling. There are rare cases of silicone irritating the skin, but you can be less worried about skin problems – as long it is kept clean at all times. They come in different sizes (lengths and girths). However, most silicone dick extenders come in natural sizes, as 6-9 inches in length and 4-6 inches in circumference. Most of them also lack the artistic character of the rubber type. The waterproof option is also selective with the silicone cock extenders. And while using it, it is advisable to use a water-based lubricant. Beware of lubricants that can damage the toy such as oil-based or silicone-based lubricants.

Open-ended penis extender:

If you don’t have a challenge with the length of your penis, but you wish to add extra girth to your size, then this is the best penis extender for you. They are characterized by an opening at the top of the sleeve with an added thickness to the overall circumference. They can be made from either TPE, rubber (soft or hard), silicone, or plastic. They come in different shapes and colors. Some are made from more natural colors like brown or peach white. While others are made from spicy colors like red, purple, black, or transparent colors. Some are waterproof, and others aren’t. The thickness also depends on your preference and can vary from 4 to 8 inches (which is more than what regular cock sleeves provide).

Penis Extenders