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Novelty Underwear for Men

by Bestvibe on November 02,2021

Men's novel underwear is different from ordinary, with creative underwear.

Types of Men's Underwear

Triangle Panties

1.The triangle is the most stable structure, so the briefs are relatively "tighter". The little demon girl asked some men in the office, it is said that the triangle is tighter.

2.The triangle has no restriction on the thighs, even people with thick legs will not be affected. It can be seen in many sports competitions. For example, in swimming competitions, most athletes wear swimming briefs.

Novelty Underwear for Men

Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs are looser than triangle briefs, so it has better heat dissipation. It is now the first choice for most men.

Especially the first choice for male friends who often sit for a long time, but if the thighs are relatively thick, it is easy to pinch the thighs or shrink the thighs flat angles to become triangles as soon as the legs are raised.

Novelty Underwear for Men

Arrow Pants

Arrow trousers are looser at the back of the trousers and have good air permeability. They are more friendly to friends who love to sweat in the summer. Because they are particularly loose, they are not a particularly good choice for underwear, but they are a very good choice for home or beach.

Novelty Underwear for Men

Mesh hollow panties

The mesh hollow panties are mainly made of ice silk material. In addition, it has many evenly distributed meshes of equal size on the fabric on both sides of the thigh, which has good air permeability. Especially in the summer, there are many male friends like it. Transparent meshes on both sides and a concealable fabric in the middle make it very fashionable while ensuring breathability. Of course, this kind of underwear is generally more compact.

Novelty Underwear for Men