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Nipple Pump

by Bestvibe on October 19,2021

A breast pump and a clitoral pump or pubic pump is a simple device that has the same principle. You place it on your breasts to provide breast stimulation. The sole purpose of the device is to increase sexual pleasure and arousal, expand your genitals, intensify stimulation, and potentially lead to orgasm.

Depending on the type, the pump often includes vibrations with the sensation of sucking. Other than that, some of these gadgets are even handless and talk about an outstanding experience.

Essentially, pubic pumps draw blood to the breasts (including the surrounding tissue), promoting erection and engorgement and heightening sensation and arousal. They work just like standard clitoral pumps, which also draw blood to the clitoris through suction, enhancing sensual stimulation.

Nipple Pump