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Nipple clamp

by Bestvibe on October 28,2021

Nipple clamps are peg-like sex toys attached to the nipple that stimulate the nipple by pinching it, thus restricting blood flow to the clamped area. While nipple toys are primarily associated with nipple bondage, those who prefer vanilla sex can use our nipple clamps to spice up sex!

By design, nipple clamps apply pressure to the nipples during sex, and while the name may paint a vivid picture of some sort of torture in your mind, this is usually not the case if done correctly. Nipple clamps grip the nipples and squeeze them with a certain sensation that is uncommon when you try to stimulate the nipples with just your tongue and fingers. Although they are responsible for cutting off the blood flow to the nipples, the sensation can reach orgasm when the BDSM nipple clamps are released from the nipples. Nipple clamps, which may be underrated in the world of sex toys, are not new to the scene of sexual pleasure or pain. Literary scholars have long romanticized erotic pain, but it was Donatien Alfonso Françoise who first described the use of nipple clamps in his controversial 1790 novel Justine. The earliest use of nipple clamps was to inflict intense sexual pain and suffering.

However, today's nipple clamps are usually adjustable. You can adjust them to suit you or your partner's needs. Nipples play a vital role in the art of sexual exploration and they should not be overlooked. One of the benefits of nipple clamps is that they are not gender specific.

Nipple clamp