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Natural Lubes

by Bestvibe on November 02,2021

With the development of science and people's awareness of natural environmental protection, the popular water-soluble human lubricant in the 20th century has slowly faded out in the industry abroad, such as more popular in Europe and Oceania replaced by more environmentally friendly pure natural human lubricant extracted from corn, beets, roses and other plants (in addition to preservatives do not contain any chemical ingredients)

Following the jammed door analogy, it's pretty easy to comprehend natural lubricant and their uses. Natural lubricants refer to organic creams or gel-like substances that relieve the dryness accompanied by discomfort during intercourse. This cream-like substance is produced from purely organic, healthy, and non-harmful substances perfectly suited to the sensitivity of your genital skin and parts.

They are produced to give a replica of the natural vaginal secretions. These natural lubes are gentle on the skin and comfortable after use too. Sometimes, they can be improvised with regular household items in the house.

Natural Lubes

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