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Mouth hook

by Bestvibe on November 03,2021

A mouth hook is similar to a side nose-hook that makes the mouth open to the side.

other Type:

The nose hook is two hooks fixed on the other end of the lanyard, a hook hanging a nostril, can make a person forced to make its head backward, the appearance of the look of pomp and circumstance.

Another common type of nose-hook is a hook with a string that is placed into the nostril that will make the nose open to the side.

Nose hooks appear in Japanese bondage through.

Docking Hook

Docking hooks are approximately one inch in diameter, smooth, J-shaped hooks with smooth rounded ends designed for insertion into the anus. Common uses include securing non-weight-bearing objects suspended from the wearer's hair or anus.

Cat Hooks

The cat hook is a special model of the tail hook. It has sharper corners and a longer shaft than a normal tailhook. It is also thicker than a normal tailhook (about 1 inch thick). The anchor-shaped double cat hook can be used by two people at the same time.

Mouth hook