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Magic Wand Vibrators

by Bestvibe on September 27,2022

The AV stick that can vibrate as a whole is divided into: the handle used to massage the head and place the remote control. Most of the AV rods are designed with frequency conversion, and the control device is on the rod, and the appropriate vibration frequency can be selected according to your own needs. The head can change the massage angle at will, and the head of some AV sticks can also be replaced. For example, the 3rd generation of UnLess American Premium AV Stick has 3 different heads that can be replaced.

The AV stick is mainly designed for high temperature storms, so the top has a rough shape. Because of the severe tremor, the general AV feel is very clear. The AV stick has the difference between a direct plug-in power supply and a charging power supply. The common one in China is the rechargeable type. Generally speaking, the power can still be satisfied, but compared to the plug-in type, it is definitely not at the frequency that the long-lasting and strongest vibration can be achieved. . So if you like to play for a long time, choose to buy plug-in, the inconvenient place exists and the use scene is more limited. AV stick is also a kind of fun vibrating egg-long vibrating egg. Celebrities who have become fluid women are turning to popular sex toys.

Magic Wand Vibrators

The AV stick is mainly used to stimulate the clitoris. Unless the size is right, it cannot be put into the body for stimulation. Even if it is put in, the stimulation is not great.


The vibration intensity and stimulation intensity, the single-point stimulation area is larger than the vibrator, even with underwear, it can reach an orgasm within a few minutes, and it is easy to squirt


Do not use frequently, otherwise Doudou will become less and less sensitive and it will take longer to reach orgasm

How to Use?

First, ensure that your magic wand vibrator is fully charged, and this usually takes two to three hours. Once you've got this covered, then you can proceed to place it opposite your skin, and it will begin to vibrate. Choose from ten different vibration settings, and the rest is down to your imagination and skill level!

Magic Wand Vibrators

Mimic Diagram

Magic Wand Vibrators

Other Forms

Magic Wand Vibrators

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