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Ladyshape Intimrasur

by Bestvibe on November 02,2021

Ladyshape intimrasur refers to the complete or partial removal of the pubic hair around the genitals. It is usually done for aesthetic purposes. The term "Removing pubic hair" is used in English, but it is often used in detail to refer to different types of pubic hair removal, e.g. "Waxing" is used to refer to waxing; "Shaving" is used to refer to shaving. Shaving" is used to refer to shaving. Bikini waxing is a common type of pubic waxing. Laser hair removal may also be used.

Generally speaking, the distribution of pubic hair is mostly inverted triangular, covering the labia majora downward and meeting in front of the anus, while some women have long strips of pubic hair. Pubic hair can play a role in defending the vagina from foreign bodies and germs and ensuring hygiene.

  In sexual life, pubic hair can also reduce mutual friction during intercourse and avoid damage to the raised mons pubis. However, when summer arrives and swimming opportunities increase, some women with more abundant pubic hair start to have headaches and are even afraid to wear swimsuits. But because of the traditional psychology and consideration of hygiene, or fear that pubic hair will be shaved more and more dense and other issues, they do not dare to shave off pubic hair at will. However, Wu Xiuqin pointed out that removing pubic hair can actually make the pubic area look fresh and more hygienic, and will reduce the chances of infection in the female lower genital tract, such as mycosis vulvae, vaginitis, vaginal trichomoniasis, vaginosis and sexually transmitted diseases.

  In addition, in male and female sexual intercourse, male pubic hair is enough to achieve the role of reducing mutual friction during sexual intercourse. The reporter also learned that women in some countries have the habit of shaving their pubic hair after bathing since they were young.

  As for the method of removing pubic hair, nowadays there is the application of ointment, there is the adoption of laser hair removal, there is also the use of electric burning method or local hair follicle destruction method. Experts suggest that it is best to use physical methods, that is, to shave the pubic hair with a special knife. In addition, experts also pointed out that some women have too much pubic hair and other body hair, which is mainly related to genetic factors and excessive androgens in the body, in addition to some habits related to life. Such as polycystic ovary syndrome will lead to hairy; in addition, after hunger to eat a meal, like to eat fried food, intake of too much fat, the diet of various nutrients with unreasonable, bad exercise and other dietary and lifestyle habits can also lead to women with thick body hair.

  To deal with the thick body hair, the first thing to look at whether there are endocrine diseases, if there is active treatment. Also pay attention to improve the bad lifestyle, to eat less high-fat and high-calorie food, such as potato chips, cream cake, Western fast food, carbonated drinks, eat more coarse food. In addition, you should exercise more.

Ladyshape Intimrasur