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by Bestvibe on October 28,2021

Horsewhip is the genitalia of the horse.


Horsewhip is the genitalia of the horse. It is used as a medicine in Traditional Chinese medicine and has the function of tonifying kidney and strengthening Yang. Can be used for the treatment of kidney Yang deficiency caused by the waist and knee cold pain, adverse urination, urination frequency, impotence premature ejaculation and so on. For the use of this medicine, it can be put into pills of Traditional Chinese medicine, or soaked in wine, or boiled and taken orally.



A riding aid used to assist in driving a horse to perform various movements as desired by humans. According to the classification of riding whips used in different equestrian events, there are obstacle whips and step whips.



Both types of whip have a whip beat on the front end. The length of the dressage whip is between 110 and 130 cm, with a soft tip of more than 10 cm. The whip core of ordinary riding whip is now made of fiberglass, but also carbon fiber material, the outside is wrapped in polyester silk or nylon silk. Whips are also made of bamboo and wood. Some expensive riding whips have silver handles, animal horn handles or bone handles, while plastic handles or cowhide handles are commonly used. Other whips are used in different situations, such as adjusting whips, carriage whips, hunting whips and racing whips. The length of the adjusting whip is 160 to 180 cm, and the length of the whip tip is the same, so the total length can exceed 3 meters. Carriage whip whip and tuning whip are basically the same, the difference is the whip tip, only about 50 cm.

Hobbyists can use either the obstacle whip or the step whip depending on the training subject. A movement requiring a greater step of the hind legs or lateral movement of the horse is usually trained with a step whip.

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