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by Bestvibe on November 03,2021

Harness is a support system used to hold the dildo around the scrotum. Depending on the design of the harness, the straps are typically tied or worn around the waist. It can be worn by both men and women. Back straps are very popular among lesbians because they remove the barrier of using your hands when pleasuring your partner with a sex toy such as a dildo. The partner can switch places and become the pusher or the penetrated, depending on your tastes and desires. The versatility and quirkiness of the strap-on will completely change your sex life.

Straps are a special type of sex toy accessory that is designed to be used as a stand for erotic objects. There are many types of these accessories on the market, each with a special function. For example, a dildo harness is perfect for use during lesbian sex or hookups, and it converts a regular sex toy into a strap-on toy. It is also very popular among those who enjoy BDSM sex. Strap-on dildo harnesses bring a special passion and excitement to normal sex, making every moment magically pleasurable.

Basic Styles of Harness

The Jock Strap Harness: A jockstrap harness could be the very first thing that comes to mind when thinking about strap on harnesses. This is one of the most basic kinds of harnesses known in the market featuring straps and buckles and whatnot. A jockstrap harness comes with three straps one of which goes around the waist while the other two around your thighs. This type of harness is quite popular among gay lovers and men as the genitals are more exposed when wearing this harness. This makes switching roles in-between sex very easy. Several brands offer jock strap harnesses with some added style combos like lace, bows, and frills which makes them popular among women who are looking for a basic harness but with a little bit of style.

Underwear Style:

The second major type of strap on harness is an underwear style strap on. Extremely easy to put on, an underwear style strap on is the most popular kind of strap on among the ladies. All you need to do is put your legs inside the designated holes and pull it on like panties. This type of strap on will work best if you do not plan to share it with your partner since the size is not adjustable and it can be a hassle when penetrating. Picking up the perfect size matters the most when getting panties style to strap on.

Lux fetish patent leather strap-on harness.

The G-String Harness:

Worn by both men and women, a g-string harness allows more skin-to-skin contact than any other variant. The shape is just like that of a G-string or a thong with the space for the dildo in the front on the crotch. There are generally only two straps one of which goes around your waist and the other one from between your legs and butt cheeks to the waist strap. It is best for folks who have used a strap-on before and know their way around this sex toy and have a great sense of control with the thrusting process.

The Boxer Style Harness:

Generally preferred by men, the boxer strap on harness has an o-ring sewn on the crotch which is used to hold the dildo. The making and design of this particular strap on style is very simple and comfortable. Mostly available in basic colors like black and grey, the material of a boxer strap on is slightly stretchable which means it can be used by your partner as well given that both of you are almost the same size if not exactly.

Panties or Lingerie Style Harness:

If you are planning to use your strap on in a role play like a sexy maid or the dominatrix then the lingerie style strap on harness is the way to go. These strap-ons are generally available as a complete set with a bikini top and panties with an o-ring to attach the dildo. The wearing procedure is quite similar to that of the boxers and so are the concerns about size. The one great thing you will get with this variant is the choice of fabric and appealing visuals.


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