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Guybrator Vibrators

by Bestvibe on October 13,2022

It is a fake vibrating sex toy, the purpose is to provide unique stimulation to vent anger. Its unique shape and can be designed to provide stimulus, used for stimulation or erection ring

It is a vibrating sex toy designed to provide unique stimulation to the head of the penis. Its unique shape and oscillating design can provide strong stimulation and can be used to stimulate loose or erect penis. Toys can also be used with lubricating fluid for masturbation. It can also be used to externally stimulate male and female partners to provide fantastic foreplay. Generally include a variety of adjustable strength, as well as turbo function, waterproof, and rechargeable.

Guybrator Vibrators

Vibrator material: silicone mixture

Vibrator features: waterproof, remote control charge

Vibrator function: vibration, USB, multi-speed

Width: 2.75"

Height: 1.75"

Length: 4.50"

How to use Guybrator Vibrators

Guybrator Vibrators

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Guybrator Vibrators