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Glass Butt Plugs

by Bestvibe on October 20,2022

A glass butt plug is simply a butt plug made out of glass. While some may not purchase this glass sex toy mainly because of fear of breakage, it is important to know that they are very safe. They are made from borosilicate glass (which is the same material used in making pyrex containers) and they can withstand a good level of heat.

Glass butt plugs are durable, beginner-friendly, very beautiful, and are easy to clean. The glass material they are made from is really strong and they do not tend to shatter easily as people usually think. When using it, you should always apply lube from time to time. The proper use, cleaning, and storage of your glass butt plug will make it serve you for a very long time and you can be rest assured.

Glass Butt Plugs

Some Popular Types

There are various designs, but they still serve the same purpose. All the types come in different shapes, colors, and different sizes. Some of the types are easy to find in a sex toy shop and others aren’t. They include:

Classic Glass Anal Plugs

These are the traditional types of glass butt plugs. They have a little tapering towards the tip of the plug that helps to make control a little easier. They also have a small tip that extends to a thicker base in the shape of a cone. They help to relax your anal muscles.

Vibrating Glass Butt Plugs

You shouldn't be surprised to know that there are vibrating glass butt plugs too, and most of them come with a device that functions as a remote control making it faster and easier to accelerate the intensity and speed of the plugging. They are made in different designs and colors. Anyone can use a vibrating anal plug made of glass, it is just that you need to follow up the instructions on the manual carefully. They can come with wires while some are wireless. The glass butt plugs can be used for multiple purposes making them one of the best that you can get.

Other types are rather unusual, strange, or uncommon. The list is very long but here are a few that are worth mentioning; some come in sets (allowing you to choose conveniently the size you want to use), Erection enhancer glass anal plugs, the one with a prostrate vibrator (mainly for a better erection, as with the erection enhancer), glass large-sized butt plugs (in different shapes such as a fist - they are usually intimidating at first use), and so on.

Glass Butt Plugs

How to Choose the Best Glass Butt Plug?

One thing you need to know before purchase is that there's not a lot to think about, so you don’t have to overthink. Since you are determined to go for a butt plug made from glass material, all you have to be sure of is the type of glass. It is better and safer to opt for a strong and durable one, like the borosilicate glass.

Another factor you should probably put into consideration while planning to purchase a sex toy is your budget. Although the glass anal plug is more expensive than other material types, it is still a good choice. However, when buying a type of glass sex toy, don’t be tempted to buy the lowest quality. It is much safer to stay in the middle where it is budget-friendly, safe, and durable.

Lastly, glass butt plugs come in different designs, colors, and sizes. So go for the one that best suits your sexual desire. Also make sure you are making your purchase from a trusted store, online or offline.

How to Use

Begin by cleaning. When preparing for anal sex and you are about to use your glass sex toy, make sure you prepare your anus. Some people engage in anal douching, and you can also clean your anus just by having a warm shower. You can also use a chemical-free wet wipe. The anus doesn't require much cleaning as it only contains a few debris of feces, unlike the rectum.


After getting your ass ready, lubricate your anus very well. You should never use a glass butt plug without lube. Because, unlike the vagina, your anus is not self-lubricating. So, you have to do the lubricating manually by yourself. You can use any type of lube with a glass sex toy, just make sure that you aren’t allergic. You should also engage in some sort of foreplay before use so that your body is prepared and relaxed to take in the butt plug. After all these, you can then insert you’re the plug slowly into your anus. A good tip is to try inhaling to make things easier.


The position you take to insert your butt plug solely depends on your personal preference. Most people would prefer going on a doggy or missionary position if their partner is putting it in for them. While some would try to put it in like a tampon probably by bending themselves over while the glass butt plug goes through their legs.

How to Clean and Store Your Glass Anal Plug

You can clean your glass butt plug by submerging in hot or warm soapy water, wash thoroughly, then wipe dry with a clean cloth. Store in a cool and dry place and take extra care of it, do not leave it in elevated places where it can fall and break. You can keep it in a drawer, or somewhere closed and secure.

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