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French Ticklers Condoms

by Bestvibe on November 02,2021

What are French Ticklers Condoms?

Tickler condoms either have a soft rubber tickler tip or are made of soft jelly. They come in various styles with nodules, nubs, ridges, and shapes that provide stimulation by "tickling" the inner walls of the partner's vagina or anus. As they are novelty condoms, they are not intended to protect from pregnancy or disease. However, they might be used by couples who use a hormonal or permanent birth control method.You can wear a regular condom underneath the tickler to ensure pregnancy and STD protection.

French Ticklers Condoms


Medical silicone


1. Recommended to use penis enhancer sleeve with water-based lube only, no silicone-based lubes.

2. Pay attention to the personal hygiene, pls wash the cock sleeve with soap or sanitizer before and after use.

3. For your health,you’d better don't share the penis enlargement sleeve toys with others.

4. Forbidden to use hot water above 40 degrees in order to avoid burning the crystal sleeve

5. Please allow slight measurement deviation for the data.