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Flavored Condoms

by Bestvibe on November 02,2021

Flavored condoms were developed to improve and enhance the pleasure of gender life. Condoms have different types of fragrance, for those who are sensitive to the taste, the atmosphere of couples who seek a sense of atmosphere, is one of the ways to increase the interest of the bed, its main role is: first is to improve the rubber taste of the condom itself (high-quality latex comes with a milk flavor, such as natural latex from Malaysia; but some of the raw materials used may have a greater rubber taste) second is to avoid some uncomfortable lower body The third is to enhance sexual excitement, but also more interesting ways to play, such as oral sex or wear with the mouth and so on.

How did the scented condom come about? In the past, condoms were made of sheep intestine, in modern times, the condom material was replaced with rubber, but whether sheep intestine or rubber, itself will have some smell, so in order to prevent the process of pleasurable exercise, by the smell of trouble, so people gave the condom a special fragrance, to create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere. Scented condoms are generally given their different flavors by adding fragrance flavors, the more common are floral and fruity, such as strawberry, banana, peach, etc.

Flavored Condoms