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Feather Ticklers

by Bestvibe on November 02,2021

What are Feather Ticklers?

Feather ticklers usually consist of one or more feathers, which are tied together at the top of the stem. Depending on your preference, the stems can be long and thin, short and thick, and can even have an undulating texture.

Feathers can be short and soft, or long and slender. The purpose of feathers is to awaken the nerve endings of the body by providing a completely unique new touch. By drawing blood into the surface of the skin and shaking the spine, you can stimulate your senses with just a light touch. Or weapons. Or legs. or more.

Feather Ticklers

How to use a feather tickler?

The soft and versatile feather tickler can be integrated into romantic sex, playful entertainment or more adventurous exploration.

When using, hold the stem and let the soft tip or feather on the top of the tickler lightly caress the skin of your lover. You can start exploring from a specific area, or you can track your body movements from head to toe to make them numb.

They will soon become extra sensitive. Try to combine strokes with different pressures. Combine light touch with long sweep, and always pay attention to your partner's physical reaction.