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Extra Thin Condoms

by Bestvibe on November 02,2021

Extra thin condoms are mainly made of natural rubber and polyurethane (both polyurethanes, both of which have better heat transfer), thinner materials, and are not easy to break.

The thickness of less than or equal to 0.03mm is an extra thin condom. Condoms will reduce male sexual pleasure is a problem that many people worry about. Therefore, when shopping for products, many people value the material most, and hope that the thinner the better. In fact, one of the main design concepts of condoms nowadays is to emphasize that there is no foreign body sensation, so that the feelings of both sides are as close as possible to naturalness. Wearing a condom is similar to not wearing a belt. Products designed according to this concept are represented by extra thin condoms.

Extra Thin Condoms

The Main Factors that Limit the Thickness of Condoms

1. The physical properties of the raw materials: the potential of the two traditional materials, natural latex and polyurethane (polyurethane), has been tapped to the greatest extent, and we need new synthetic materials to meet thinner requirements.

2. Material technology: The production material of the condom is a polymer material. To improve its performance, it is necessary to improve the material extraction and processing technology. The preparation of polymer-based nanocomposites is the basis for ultra-thin condoms. Specialized laboratories under the US Hengbao Group have been committed to the development of new condom materials.

3. The production of condoms has a very complicated process, during which various factors have a great influence on the quality of condoms, including: production environment humidity, temperature, production environment air cleanliness, mold finish, gel temperature and concentration, and film thickness And time, post-vulcanization degree, baking temperature and time, etc. are too numerous to list. These elements must be highly coordinated to produce the ultra-thin condom.


Extra thin condoms are mainly made of natural latex and polyurethane (polyurethane), both of which have the advantages of thinner, better heat transfer, better toughness, and resistance to breakage.

Taking advantage of the mentality that men don’t like to wear a sleeve and feel that it affects the experience, ultra-thin can give men a more realistic experience. At the same time, ultra-thin is easy to cause the idea of ​​"easy to break". It is necessary to make a fuss about the flexibility of the material.

Extra Thin Condoms