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Dungeon Irons

by Bestvibe on November 02,2021

In BDSM, a dungeon is any reserved space for activities.

Private dungeons are often made in residential basements or redundant rooms. Especially in the urban planning law prohibiting this type of clubs in residential areas or areas close to schools or churches, BDSM organizations sometimes make safe spaces for their members. The more popular spaces include old warehouses and factories.

Dungeon Tools

Dungeon Irons

Bondage hook

Bondage hook is a hook used for BDSM activities.

Nose Hook

Dungeon Irons

Nose hooks are two hooks fixed on the other end of the lanyard. One hook hangs one nostril, which can force a person to make his head backward, which looks domineering.

Another common nose hanger is a hook with a rope. Putting it in the nostril will open the nose to the side.

The nose hook appears through the Japanese-style bondage.

Mouth Hook

The mouth hook is similar to a sideways nose hook, opening the mouth sideways.

Tail Hook

Dungeon Irons

The tail hook is about half an inch thick, and the end is connected to the rope by a loop. The curved end is inserted into the vagina or anus.

Butt Hook

The butt hook is about one inch in diameter. It is a smooth, J-shaped hook with a smooth round end designed for insertion into the anus. Common uses include non-weight-bearing objects that are fastened to the wearer’s hair or hung from the


Cat Hook

Cat hook is a special mode of tail hook. It has sharper corners and longer shaft than ordinary tail hooks. It is also thicker than a normal tail hook (about 1 inch thick). The anchor-shaped double cat hook can be used by two people at the same time.

Dungeon Irons