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Delay Wipes

by Bestvibe on November 02,2021

Time-delay wipes are adult sex products, which are liquid-melting tissues containing certain chemical or herbal ingredients that have the effect of prolonging male sexual intercourse. The main ingredient is benzalkonium bromide.

Delay wipes for adult sex life products, refers to the melting liquid type paper towels containing certain chemical or herbal ingredients, have the effect of prolonging male sex time, to meet the pleasure of both sides. The use of time-delay wipes is to extend the time of sex, no obvious toxic side effects appear, but should not be used for a long time, otherwise it will produce dependence.

The Main Features of the Delayed Wet Wipes Include:

1, external use, 20 seconds to produce a slight burning sensation, 30-40 minutes, the effect can reach the peak, no numbness in use, the role of direct, rapid.

2, carrying and use is also more convenient; according to the Oriental male skin qualities of research and development,; does not contain alcohol and other irritating chemical ingredients, pure natural extraction of water solution without side effects. Compared with essential oil products, no greasy feeling.

3, fast absorption, 30 minutes can be completely absorbed, no irritation to the partner. No residue on the surface of the skin, no effect on oral sex, friction does not increase the burning sensation.

Delay Wipes