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by Bestvibe on October 26,2021

What are Corsets?

Tight corsets, the main purpose is to make the waist look thin and the breasts look fuller.A corset is a support garment, usually used to fix and train the torso into a desired shape, traditionally a smaller waist or a larger bottom, used for aesthetic or medical purposes (during wearing or having a longer lasting Effect), or used to support the torso and breasts.

Since the end of the 20th century, the fashion industry has borrowed the term "corset" to refer to tops, which to varying degrees imitated the appearance of traditional corsets instead of acting as them. Although these modern corsets and corset tops are usually designed with lace or bone and usually imitate traditional corset styles, they have little effect on the wearer's body shape, if at all. Real corsets are usually made by corset manufacturers and are usually suitable for individual wearers.Girdle is a bad habit. Most of modern people's waistbands are mainly decoration, remember not to put the cart before the horse.



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