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by Bestvibe on November 02,2021

Condom is a sheath-shaped barrier device, which is mainly used during sexual intercourse to reduce the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases and female pregnancy. Condoms can be subdivided into two types: female condoms and male condoms.

Condoms are adult products and the most familiar product. It is one of the simple ways to prevent conception in the form of non-drugs, and it also has the effect of preventing the spread of gonorrhea, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. The raw material of the condom is usually made of natural rubber or polyurethane to wrap the penis, vagina or anus with a long strip of film, one end of which is closed and usually contains a space formed by a protrusion to store the ejaculated semen.



male, female (by function: oral sex condoms, anal sex condoms, invisible spermicide condoms)


Large (35mm in diameter), medium (33mm in diameter), small (31mm in diameter) and extra small (29mm in diameter) ISO 4074 is the international standard for male latex condoms


Thickened type (Type A: 0.36mm; Type B: 0.28mm; Type C: 0.20mm; Type D: 0.12mm), ordinary type (0.04~0.06mm), ultra-thin type (thickness <=0.03mm) And thin type (thickness is between the first two), the ultra-thin type is the high-grade transparent condom commonly used in China


latex, polyurethane, new composite nano, etc.

Function Classification

Oral sex condom

It is usually used during oral sex on a male penis. The material is thin and the surface is smooth. With the invisible condom, various fragrances are added to increase the taste, usually with a lot of fruit flavors. This makes it more acceptable for women. Avoid feeling offended by the taste of the penis

Anal Condom

The material of anal condom is thickened, and its tensile force is more than 150% of that of conventional condoms. To avoid rupture during anal sex

Invisible Spermicidal Condom

This foam contraceptive method started in the United States in 2004. Not only can it kill sperm and a variety of viruses, it is also invisible and invisible. It is not felt at all. It is vividly called the "invisible condom." Tested by authoritative organizations such as the National Family Planning Commission, it can make sperm mortality rate up to 100% in 1 minute when diluted 6 times and 30 times.

It quickly and efficiently destroys the surface tension of sperm, thereby killing sperm and a variety of venereal viruses; quickly killing sperm and a variety of viruses.

Spray Condom

The spray-type condom is made of latex. The purpose of research and development is to try to improve the convenience and disease prevention of condoms. The spray condom was still not on the market in 2015, because there are still some functions to be improved.