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by Bestvibe on November 02,2021

the characteristics of women can be exposed,when people wear clubwear.

The key Points of Buying Clubwear for Female

(1) The main color of clubwear is a solid color. Either one set is black, one set is white, or one set is red. Don't have 3 colors at the same time.

(2) Evening costumes must show the characteristics of women. For example, long legs and low chest. This will make people stunned in the senses. Some girls have very short legs and wear long trousers. Such a golden ratio is a mess. Some are plump, but they wear tight jeans. There are also some thin girls who wear loose clothes, and they can't even find the most prominent part of a woman. So be sure to look for clothes that suit you when you dress. Pack yourself if you can learn from each other. (3) What kind of clothes do you have to wear? The answer is that lace clothing is definitely higher than all armed. The work rate in short skirts is definitely higher than those in long pants, and those in black stockings are definitely higher than those with bare legs. This is an undoubted law.


The key Points of Buying Clubwear for Male

Color hierarchy

Whether it's a bar or a party, dark colors are more textured and safe colors. Use different color combinations to match the tone and style. If you want to attract girls, the key is not to be eye-catching, but to be affinity. , Sometimes it’s a little low-key, but it can have a different effect.

Shirts and Coats

The nightclub is a relatively closed environment, and there are many people at night. If you wear heavy, non-breathable clothes, you will sweat profusely. Even if you don’t dance, you may move around. Too formal clothing, such as a suit jacket, may Will limit you. You can choose a denim shirt, which has good air permeability, and is naturally not scouring.



Shoes are also a very important part that affects the overall atmosphere. Wearing sneakers feels too casual, and leather shoes are too formal. At this time, you can choose according to the style of the day, such as this lace-up shoe.