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Classic Briefs

by Bestvibe on October 26,2021

The panties come in a variety of styles, including traditional boxer briefs, Korakan boxer briefs, adjustable boxer briefs, low-waisted panties, bikinis, unisex boxer briefs, half-wrapped panties, thongs, and fine line thongs. Erotic panties also contain G-string panties, C-string panties, etc.

Briefs refer to a short and tight underwear style made of underwear material or swimsuit material. This kind of underwear usually presents a "Y" shape and generally has no trouser legs. This introduction focuses on men's triangular underwear.

Some poorly designed triangular underpants may cause testicles to be at high temperature and affect sperm motility, therefore, they are not suitable for sports. However, if vigorous movements are required for water activities, the swimming trunks are relatively suitable for violent body movements (such as water polo, diving and swimming), and can modify the beauty of body posture (such as diving and bodybuilding).

Classic Briefs